30 May 2012

How do I – Resolve the issue where I cannot upload files to SharePoint that are larger than 50 MB through Explorer View or WebDAV

Ever tried uploading a file larger than 50 MB to SharePoint and it fails, even though your file upload size limits for the SharePoint web app is set to a value larger than the default of 50 MB? This one can be particularly annoying at times. Under SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has made it even easier for users to connect to their SharePoint libraries via Windows Explorer. Many users love to make use of this method, but there are some pitfalls. Windows Explorer leverages WebDAV to access SharePoint content. As such, it is constrained by the FileSizeLimitInBytes registry settings of the local computer’s web client properties. If you are trying to move or copy files to a SharePoint library via Windows Explorer or Explorer view and you encounter the following error, this is probably the issue:

Cannot Copy <filename>: Cannot read from the source file or disk

To be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with the file upload size limits that are set by your administrator for each web application within SharePoint. This is a local client machine limitation. To solve this, follow these steps:
  • Start REGEDIT
  • image_thumb_0D411325
  • Expand the following registry key:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebCLient\Paramters
  • image_thumb_1_0D411325
  • Note the value of the FileSizeLimitInBytes key which should be 0x02faf080 or 50,000,000 bytes by default.
  • In the detail window on the right, right click the FileSizeLimitInBytes key.
  • On the popup menu, click “Modify”.
  • image_thumb_2_0D411325
  • Enter the new value you wish to use.  NOTE: This value is in BYTES i.e. 1024 bytes per KB and 1024 KB per MB and 1024 MB per GB.
  • The maximum value you can use is 7fffffff which represents 2147483647 bytes or 1 byte shy of 2 GB.
  • Click OK.
  • Close REGEDIT.
  • Reboot your computer.

To make it easier, you can simply copy the following into Notepad and save it with a .reg extension and then double click the entry to import it into your registry:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




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