01 May 2012

My Starbucks disappointment

So I just stepped off a long 5 hour flight from LAX to IND and headed to my favorite coffee shop for my morning Joe. I wait in line and since it’s early and I’m hungry, I decided to also get an cheese bagel. I was handed the bagel in a bag with cream cheese, but the bagel is uncut???!!! I ask if they have some way to cut the bagel and they point out that I have a plastic knife in the bag. A plastic knife?! That’s barely able to SPREAD the cream cheese let alone cut it. They must have have sensed my disappointment after I uttered “That’s OK. I’ll just saw through my bagel with my plastic knife.” because in their defense, they offered to cut it for me… so I let them.

Seriously Starbucks? What the ??? If you’re going to sell bagels, how about spending $5 for a bagel cutter? It’s a tiny little addition that makes a huge difference on the impression of your patrons!


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