09 November 2005

8 and 0 baby!

OK, so I was watching Monday Night Football last night and as we’re sitting there eagerly awaiting the start of the game, the cameras show some of the signs that Patriots fans have.  One in particular caught my attention.  It simply read:
OK, that may have BEEN (past tense) true, but no more!  Not after the 40-21 spanking the Colts gave the Patriots last night! 
Of course even if the Colts win the Super Bowl this year, which would be GREAT, the Patriots fans will simply say… big deal… we’ve won 3 in 4 years!
No, for the Colts to truly thumb one at the stuck up noses of the Patriots fans, they not only have to win the Super Bowl, but they must, MUST go undefeated!
The Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl titles, so does the 49ers but the Dolphins was the ONLY team to ever go undefeated!
Now repeating that feat in today’s NFL is deemed "impossible" with the combination of Free AgencySalary Cap restrictions AND a 16 game schedule.  In 1972 they only had a 14 game schedule.  Yeah, it may be "impossible", but then again, many thought it was "impossible" for the Colts to beat the three out of four, back to back defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in Foxboro last night…
40-21 baby!  How’s THAT for "impossible"?
As we say around here… Believe in Blue!

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