17 November 2005

SharePoint is NOT supported under virtualized environments

Back in April, Microsoft posted this KB article stating that the following Windows Server System software was not supported under Virtual Server:
  1. SharePoint Portal Server
  2. Exchange Server
  3. ISA Server
  4. Certificate Server
  5. Speech Server
This left a lot of grey area as it pertains to WSS and Virtual PC as apposed to Virtual Server.
Now with 
this latest KB posted two days ago, they have clarified that neither SharePoint Portal Server nor Windows SharePoint Services are supposed under either Virtual Server or Virtual PC.  Disappointing as it is, I trust that SharePoint’s "v3" implementation will fully support server virtualization.
Many companies are leveraging server virtualization these days to consolidate servers and save on hardward, rackspace etc.  Lack of support for virtualized environments under "v3" could be detremental to addoption.
I personally believe we’re moving towards an era where all servers will be virtualized and the only softward running on the actual hardware would be a base OS and the virtualization software.
One great advantage to virtualization is that hardware conflicts can be minimized because everything is essentially emulated anyway.  And that’s my 2c…

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