08 November 2005

Mike Walsh quits monitoring WSS newsgroups!

In a shocking turn of events, Mike Walsh had finally had enough of people complaining.  Mike has been the unofficial Sheriff in the WSS newsgroups for quite some time now.  A few people got upset about the fact that Mike would point out they were posting articles that wasn’t related to WSS.  He was always kind enough to point out where these articles were supposed to be posted.  Whenever someone posted correctly, Mike was quick to provide good answers.
Now he’s had enough and has given up as Sheriff according to his latest blog post.  Personally I think it is sad this has happened.  I myself had been corrected by Mike several times, but needless to say, he was always right about the appropriateness of my posting.
Its a pity this has happened.  At least Mike is still maintaining the WSS FAQ’s which is one of THE premier sources of information related to Windows SharePoint Services and always one of the first places I look for answers.
Thanks for all your dedication Mike… even though it has not always been appreciated…

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