15 November 2005

Why everyone should own a color laser printer…

Tim Heuer makes a good point about the cost of color printing when using services like Kinkos in his latest blog entry.  I’ve had a Samsung CLP-500 for about a year now and have been very impressed and happy with it.  I’ve always had a bias towards HP printers, but recent disappointments with HP products have prompted me to look at other manufacturers as well.
At the time, the Samsung was by far the most affordable color laser printer on the market retailing at $499.  HP had an option at about $800 but I decided to give the Samsung a try.  My model has been discontinued, but the Samsung CLP-510N is very affordable and now retailing under $400.
Of course, toner is still the expensive part of the color laser printer.  A complete replacement set of toner for the CLP-500 costs around $325!  Yeah, that’s expensive, but I haven’t had to change toner on mine yet.  Now granted I’m not a heavy color printing type of user, but the one thing that makes it work better than other types of printers is the fact that the toner is replaced by color.
How often have you been printing with your inkjet just to find yourself running out of one of the three colors.  Of course you can’t replace just that color.  Instead you have to replace the entire cartridge.  I like the toner of the lasers better because of the granularity of replacement that can be done.

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  1. I just bought a brand new color lazer printing and I am in heaven. My last printer was giving me terrible performance and it was a pain to buy a new cartridge every time I had come bundled tasks for it . MY HP inkjet was sucking too much money out of my pocket. HP Support Number wasn't much help either.


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