12 April 2008

Greatest run in football history by Cowboys HB Marion Barber III

OK, I’m going to get some people arguing this one with me since there’s other runs that ended in TDs, such as the Garrison Hearst TD run for the 49ers, but here’s why I think, even though this run only yielded 2 measly yards, this is the greatest run in history.
  1. Barber broke and eluded a total of 8 tacklers.
    a.  Safety Rodney Harrison #37
    b.  Defensive End Ty Warren #94
    c.  Linebacker Junior Seau #55
    d.  Defensive Tackle Vince Wilfork #75
    e.  Safety James Sanders #36
    f.  Corner Tim Mixon #22
    g.  Defensive End Jarvis Green #97
    h.  Linebacker Pierre Woods #58
    i.  Safety Tank Williams #26 finally shoves him out of bounds.
  2. No less than 5 of these tackles were INSIDE his own end zone where any one of them would have resulted in a safety.
  3. The opposing defense he faced was no less than the New England Patriots. That’s right, Bill Belichick’s great defense a part of the 2007 Patriots team that went undefeated the entire regular season.
Check it out and you be the judge…
I love Barber because he has that “never say die” attitude and he runs “angry”. I love that in a running back! 😉


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