09 April 2008

How do I – Define a new Best Bet Keyword in SharePoint 2007?

OK, I know this is pretty easy to find, once you know where it is, but I searched for a good instruction set for this and found nothing. So I figured I’d just blog this quickly. To define a new Best Bet, you have to use Keywords. This is done thus:
  1. From your site home page, click “Site Actions/Site Settings/Modify All Site Settings”.
  2. Under Site Collection Administration, click “Search Keywords”.
  3. On the Manage Keywords page, click “Add Keyword”.
  4. On the Add Keyword page, click “Add Best Bet”.
  5. On the Add Best Bet popup page, enter the Target URL, Title and Description of the best bet and click “OK”.
  6. Back on the Add Keyword page, enter the Keyword Phrase, Synonyms (separated by a semi colon), Definition, Contact Person and Expiration Date and click “OK”.
  7. The new keyword and best bet should now be listed.
  8. Testing by searching for “My Phrase” should yield the Best Bet. You can customize where Best Bets show up on the results page. In our example’s case, it was set to be the first results in the list.
  9. A search for any of the synonyms should yield the same result.


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